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Insert/Delete Runs


Insert/Delete Runs allows the number of runs in one or more selected Parametric Tables to be changed by inserting or deleting one or more rows at a specified position.  



The Parametric Table or set of Parametric tables for which the changes are to be applied is selected from the drop-down control at the top of the dialog.   If there is more than one Parametric Table, clicking in the table name field will allow other Parametric tables to be chosen.   It is possible to have the Insert/Delete Runs dialog operate on more than one table.  To do so, click on the table name or the down arrow at the right of the table name.  The list of available Parametric tables will be displayed, as shown in the figure on the right.  Hold the Shift key down while clicking on the table names in this dropdown list to select or unselect the tables for which the changes will be applied.  


Note that runs (i.e. rows in the Parametric table) can be inserted or deleted by clicking the right mouse button while the mouse cursor is positioned in the first (Runs) column of the Parametric table.  This action will display a pop-up menu containing Insert Runs and Delete Runs as well as other menu commands.  The number of rows in a Parametric table can also be increased by setting the value in the Last Row field of the Change Table Column Values dialog to a value greater than the current number of rows.