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TABLEVALUE('TableName', Row, Column) or TABLEVALUE('TableName', Row, 'VariableName') returns the value stored in the row and column of the specified Parametric Table.  'TableName' can either be a string variable or a string constant holding the name of the Parametric table, as it appears on the tab in the Parametric Table Window.  The name is case-insensitive.


The TABLEVALUE function in older versions of EES required only two arguments, the Row and Column.  To provide compatibility with older versions, EES will assume that the TABLEVALUE function is to be applied to the first Parametric table if 'TableName' is not provided. 


The column number may be either entered directly as an integer number or indirectly by supplying the variable name for the desired column within single-quotes, e.g., TableValue('Table 1', 6, 'ABC') specifies the column in the table holding values of variable ABC.  Alternatively a string variable may be used to provide the name of the column.  An error message will be generated if the row or column (or corresponding variable name) does not exist in the Parametric Table or if referenced cell does not have a value.  The TABLEVALUE function is useful in the solution of some marching-solution type problems in which the current value of a variable depends on its value in previous calculations.  


(Note:  use a semicolon instead of a comma as the list separator when using the European numerical format).


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