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Curve Fit and Linear Regression Statistics 



EES calculates the standard error of each fitted coefficient as well as other information such as the root mean square (rms) and bias errors.  The standard error (shown for the linear regression options) is the square root of the estimated variance of the coefficient. It provides an indication of the uncertainty associated with the coefficient.  Information on how the standard error is determined can be found at



The rms is sqrt(1/N sum[(Y-Y_m)^2]


where N is the number of data points, and Y_m is the estimated value of Y.  


The bias error is 1/N sum[(Y-Y_m)].


The coefficients in this table can be selected by holding the left mouse button down and dragging the mouse over a range of cells.  If the Copy to Clipboard check box is checked, the contents of the selected cells will be placed on the clipboard.