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Add Rectangle Toolbar Button


The Add Rectangle toolbar button in the toolbar allows rectangles with straight or curved edges to placed anywhere within the Plot window or the  Diagram window.


After clicking on the rectangle button in the toolbar, the cursor will appear as a cross.  Press and hold the mouse button down at the position which will fixed the upper left corner.  Hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse to the desired lower right corner.  Release the mouse button.


You can move or resize the rectangle after it is created.  To move the rectangle, press and hold the mouse button down anywhere within the rectangle (but not on an existing text item, line, or other plot object) while dragging it to its new position.  When you select a rectangle by clicking on it, small boxes will be displayed at the center of each edge.  To change the size of the rectangle, hold the left mouse button down on any one of the four boxes and drag it to its desired location.    


Initially, a rectangle will be created with default line color and fill characteristics.  If you wish to change these characteristics, double-click the left mouse button or click the right mouse button within the rectangle.  The Format Rectangle dialog window shown below will appear in which the line type, line color, fill type, fill color, corner roundness and other characteristics can be viewed or changed.   For example, you can change the rectangle line and fill color to white to provide a background for a plot legend.  You can, if you wish, prevent the rectangle from being moved if you select the Locked check box. The Professional version allows boxes having a 3D character to be displayed in the Diagram window by checking the 3D control.


Time Series controls are available in the Plot window for the Professional version that provide control over the time sequence for this object.  




Multiple rectangles can be selected.  Double-clicking the left mouse button (or clicking the right mouse button) will cause the Format Rectangle dialog window to appear in which the characteristics of all selected items can be changed at one time. Selected rectangles can be copied to the Clipboard using the Cut and Copy commands in the Edit menu.  Once on the Clipboard, the Paste command can be applied to move the line from the Clipboard to any EES window of the same type. The Delete key will cut all selected rectangles.