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AMMONIA_MH provides thermodynamic properties for ammonia using the Martin-Hou equation of state (A.I.Ch.E. Journal, 1:142, 1955).  The correlations should be valid between 200 K and 700 K. 


Range of applicability for transport function correlations:

Gas-phase viscosity:  200 K to 1000 K

Liquid-phase viscosity: 230 K to 390 K

Gas-phase thermal conductivity: 230 K to 900 K

Liquid-phase thermal conductivity: 244 K to 406 K


The Martin-Hou equation of state is valid for states in which the density is less than 1.5 times the critical density.  Properties in the vicinity of the critical point and at high pressures may be inaccurate.  Properties in the subcooled region are determined by assuming the fluid is incompressible.  Use fluid AMMONIA for more accurate property data.


NOTE:  This fluid is provided for backward compatibility.  Use of AMMONIA (rather than AMMONIA_MH) is recommended because it is based on a more accurate equation of state.



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