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The CONVERTTEMP function converts temperatures from one scale to another.  Four scales are supported:  Celsius (C), Kelvin (K), Fahrenheit (F), and Rankine (R).  The CONVERTTEMP function has the  following format:  


ConvertTemp('C', 'F', T)


The first two parameters are string constants or string variables which must be C, K, F, or R.  Both upper and lower case letters are permitted.  The single quotes surrounding the string constants are not required.  String variables can be used to indicate the scales.  The third parameter is a temperature in the scale indicated by the first parameter.  The function returns the temperature in the scale indicated by the second parameter. 






This statement will convert 100 C to the equivalent temperature in F.  TF will be set to 212.


Use the CONVERT function to convert differences in temperature from one scale to another. 


(Note:  use a semicolon instead of a comma as the list separator when using the European numerical format)