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Dialog Box Keys

Key(s) Function

TAB Moves from field to field (left to right and top to bottom).

SHIFT+TAB Moves from field to field in reverse order.

ALT+letter Moves to the option or group whose underlined letter matches the one you type.

DIRECTION key Moves from option to option within a group of options.

ENTER Executes a command button.

Or, chooses the selected item in a list box and executes the command.

ESC Closes a dialog box without completing the command. (Same as Cancel.)

ALT+DOWN ARROW Opens a drop-down list box.

ALT+UP or DOWN ARROW Selects item in a drop-down list box.

SPACEBAR Cancels a selection in a list box.

Selects or clears a check box.

CTRL+SLASH Selects all the items in a list box.

CTRL+BACKSLASH Cancels all selections except the current selection.

SHIFT+ DIRECTION key Extends selection in a text box.

SHIFT+ HOME Extends selection to first character in a text box.

SHIFT+ END Extends selection to last character in a text box.