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Example .DLF External Function in C++


The following source code creates a .DLF external function that returns the sum of two numbers.  The function is accessed from EES with a statement of the following format;  This function does not provide input or output units so there will be no unit checking when this function is called.






#include <windows.h>



// Structure for handling ees calling syntax

struct EesParamRec {

  double value;

  struct EesParamRec *next;




// Tell C++ to use the "C" style calling conventions rather than the C++ mangled names

  extern "C"  {


__declspec (dllexport) double SUM_C(char s[256], int& mode, struct EesParamRec *input_rec)


double In1, In2, sum_res;

int NInputs;


if (mode==-1) {  

  strcpy(s,"a = SUM_C(b,c)"); // return example call string

  return 0;



// Check the number of inputs


    EesParamRec * aninput_rec=input_rec;

while (aninput_rec!= 0)


  aninput_rec= aninput_rec->next;



if (NInputs!=2) {

  strcpy(s,"SUM_C expects two inputs");

  return 0;



In1= input_rec->value;



sum_res = In1+In2;


return sum_res;






This procedure was compiled into file SUM_C.DLF using the Microsoft Visual Studio.