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Warning Dialog


This window displays online help information and warnings that were generated during the calculations.  An example of the Warning dialog display is as follows:



Non-redundant warning messages that were generated during the calculations are displayed.  If the Scroll to Line in Equations window check box is checked, then EES will highlight the equation in Equations window that generated the warning, scrolling the display in the Equations window as necessary.  


Note that the warning may have been generated in an earlier iteration and may no longer be an issue with the current solution.  For example, the first warning message shown above resulted because the guess value for temperature was 1 K, which is outside the region of applicability of the air property correlations.  Subsequent iterations resulted in a temperature that was within the allowable limits, but the warning remains.  To eliminate such warnings, update the guess values and Solve again. calculations. 


The display of warnings is optional and it is controlled by the Display Warning Messages check box in the Options tab of the Preferences dialog .  The Always display warnings check box provides another way to set the display of warning message.  


Note that the size of the warning dialog box can be changed by moving the mouse cursor to the right side of the dialog, pressing the mouse button, and dragging the border to a new location.