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ENTHALPY_FUSION [kJ/kg, kJ/kmol, Btu/lbm Btu/lbmol] returns the difference between the specific enthalpy of the vapor and liquid phases at the specified saturation temperature.  


The ENTHALPY_VAPORIZATION function one argument in addition to the fluid name.  The first argument must be the name of the substance.  The second argument should be the saturation temperature.  For real fluids, the saturation pressure can be provided in place of the saturation temperature.




$UnitSystem SI C kPa mass

DELTAh_vap_a=enthalpy_vaporization(Water,T=100 [C])

DELTAh_vap_b=enthalpy_vaporization(Water,P=101.3 [kPa])



DELTAh_vap_a=2,257 [kJ/kg]

DELTAh_vap_b=2,257 [kJ/kg]}



Thermophysical Property Functions