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Krypton provides high accuracy thermodynamic properties for elemental Krypton using the fundamental equation of state presented in:

R.T. Jacobsen, S.G. Penoncello, and E.W. Lemmon, Thermodynamic Properties of Cryogenic Fluids, Plenum Press, New York ISBN 0-306-45522-6, 1997


The thermodynamic property correlations are valid for temperatures between triple point (115.77 K) and 800 K at pressures up to 300 MPa. 


Range of applicability for transport function correlations:

Gas-phase viscosity:  115.77 K to 800 K 

Liquid-phase viscosity:115.77 to 209.4 K 

Gas-phase thermal conductivity:115.77 K to 800 K

Liquid-phase thermal conductivity: 115.77 to 209.4 K 


The viscosity correlations were fit to data provided from:

E.W. Lemmon, M.O. McLinden and D.G. Friend, "Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems" in NIST Chemistry WebBook, NIST Standard Reference Database Number 69, Eds. P.J. Linstrom and W.G. Mallard, March 2003, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg MD, 20899 ( 


Surface tension data are provided through a correlation developed by:

G.R. Somayajulu

"A Generalized Equation for Surface Tension from the Triple Point to the Critical Point"

International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol. 9, No. 4, 1988



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