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Moving the Hot Area for a Child Diagram Window


The 'hot area' that brings up a Child Diagram window when it receives a mouse click can be moved in two ways.  It is necessary to be in Development mode to move the hot area.  


First, if the Ctrl and Shift keys are depressed and the mouse cursor is positioned within the red-dotted rectangle that shows the boundary of the hot area (see figure below), the hot area rectangle will move with the arrow keys.   



Second, a right click within the red-dotted rectangle with the Ctrl and Shift keys depressed will bring up a pop-up menu.  Select the Properties menu item from this pop-up menu to bring-up the following dialog in which the coordinates of the hot area can be set.  Note the location and size of a child Diagram window while it is in Application mode may be specified with EES variables, as indicated for the left coordinate below.   The value of the EES variable may be set in the Equations window, in a Parametric table or in a text input item on a Diagram window.