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Show Grid Lines


Grid lines can be displayed at user specified intervals in the X and Y directions by clicking the grid lines button on the Diagram tool bar.  After clicking this button, a small dialog will appear in which the grid line spacing in the X and Y directions and the grid line color can be specified.  To remove the grid lines, click the button again.  To change the grid line information, remove the grid lines and click the button again to restore them.  The grid line information dialog will reappear.  The grid lines make it easier to position objects in the Diagram window.  Grid lines are displayed only in Development mode.  Some additional tips for positioning objects in the Diagram window are:


1.  The cursor X, Y position is shown at the left of the status bar at the bottom of the Diagram window when in development mode


2.  Fine movements of object(s) are most easily accomplished by selecting the object(s) and using the arrow keys to move them.