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The Windows menu provides a convenient way of bringing any of the EES windows to the front. The specific functions of each window are explained in the Help window for each of the following commands.  Some of the menu items have submenus.  For example, the Plot Windows menu item will contain a submenu that provides access to any of the plots contained in the Plot window.  Similar capability is provided for the Parametric Table, Lookup Table, Diagram and Report Window menu items.   Many of the menu commands have keyboard equivalents which may be easier to use.  Ctrl-F, for example, will bring Formatted Equations window to the front.  Ctrl-1 will bring up the first Parametric table. Ctrl-Alt-1 will bring up the first Plot window.  Finally, Ctrl Shift-1 will bring up the first Lookup table.  The first 9 tables and plots can be accessed in this manner, by replacing the 1 with the table or plot number.


Many of the windows in the Professional version will display the two-monitor display button at the right of the title bar, adjacent to the minimize, maximize and close buttons.  Clicking this button will cause the window to remain in front of all other EES windows and it will also allow the window to be moved outside of the bounding box provided by the main EES window.  The button icon is changed to .   This display state is very handy when using two monitors as then, the selected window can be dragged to the second monitor. Only one EES window is allowed to be in the 2-monitor display format at any one time.  The window will return the window to its normal display state if the two-monitor display button for another window is clicked or if the button is clicked.  



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