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Add Line  Plot Toolbar Button


The Add Line toolbar button in the plot window toolbar allows lines and arrows to be placed anywhere within the Plot window or Diagram window.


After clicking on the line button in the toolbar,  the cursor will appear as a cross.  Press and hold the mouse button down at the position where you wish the line to begin.  Hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse to the desired end position of the line.  Release the mouse button.  Note that if you are drawing an arrow, the arrow head will appear at the end of the line.


You can move, resize, or rotate the line after it is created.  To move the line, press and hold the mouse button down anywhere near the middle of the line while dragging it to its new position.  You can also use the arrow keys to move one or more selected lines a pixel at a time.  When you select a line by clicking on it, small boxes will be displayed at either end of the line.  To rotate the line and/or change its length, press and hold the mouse button within either of the two small boxes.  Move the end to its new position and release the mouse button.


Initially, a line will be created of the type that was last chosen.  If you wish to change the type, for example to add or change an arrowhead, double-click or right-click on the line.  A dialog window will appear in which the arrowhead type and size, line thickness, and color may be selected.  By default, the line can be resized, moved, or rotated.  If you wish to prevent these capabilities, select the Locked check box.  


The current line and following lines created with the Add Line toolbar button will then have the same characteristics as the previous line.


Clicking on a line will cause it to be displayed with small boxes at both ends.  A line can also be selected by dragging a box around the line.  Multiple lines can be selected.  Double-clicking the left mouse button (or clicking the right mouse button) will cause the Modify Line dialog window to appear in which the characteristics (such as arrow style, arrowhead size, line thickness, and color) of all selected lines can be changed at one time.  Selected lines can be copied to the Clipboard using the Cut and Copy commands in the Edit menu.  The Delete key will cut all selected lines.  Once on the Clipboard, the Paste command can be applied to move the line from the Clipboard to any EES window of the same type.