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MINPARAMETRIC returns the minimum of all or selected cells in a specified column of the Parametric table.  The format of this function is:


MINPARAMETRIC('TableName', 'ColumnName')




MINPARAMETRIC('TableName', 'ColumnName', RowStart, RowStop)


'TableName' is a string constant or string variable that contains the name of the Parametric table.  The name of the Parametric table is shown on its tab at the top of the table.


''ColumnName' is a integer value, string constant or string variable the identifies the column.  If an integer value is provided, it is taken to be the column number in the Parametric table.  If a string constant is provided, it is assumed to be the name of the variable for the column in the Parametric table. The single quotes that normally identify a string constant are not required.  If a string variable is provided, it must contain the name of one of the variables in the Parametric table.


RowStart and RowStop are integers or EES variables specifying the starting and stopping rows for which the minimum will be found.  These parameters are optional.   However, if values are not provided for RowStart and RowStop, EES will assume that the function should be applied to the entire Parametric table, which can require significant computational effort.  There are two ways to eliminate this problem.  


1.  Specify the start row and use TableRun# as the stop row.

2.  Place the equation within a $DoLast  ...   $EndDoLast clause.



Note that the MinParametric function cannot work if one or more rows in the specified column do not contain a number.  A warning is issued when this situation occurs.












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