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Modify Automatic Plot Data


When a plot line is first constructed, the table, data columns, and range of rows that provide the data to form the plot must be selected.  At some later point, it may become necessary to change these data.  The Modify Automatic Plot Data dialog provides this capability.


This dialog is accessed from the Modify Plot dialog by clicking the Data button.  The Data button is enabled only if the Automatic Update check box is selected.  The table from which the data were initially plotted must be available for to allow Automatic Update.


The Modify Automatic Plot Data dialog allows the table, the X and Y-axis columns, and the range of rows in the table to be selected for the plot, in the same manner as originally used to develop the plot with the New Plot Window or Overlay Plot commands.  If the All Rows in Table check box is selected, the controls that allow the range of data to be plotted are disabled.  In this case, the plot will be update using all of the data in the selected columns of the table.  If rows are added or deleted from the table, the plot will be redraw to reflect the changes.  


The changes made in this dialog will take affect when the Modify Plot dialog is dismissed with the OK button.  The selected plot will be automatically redrawn with the new data.  


Note:  If more than one plot is selected in the Modify Plot dialog, the controls to select the table, the X and Y-axis columns are disabled since it is unlikely that changes of this nature would need to be applied to all selected plots.  However, the range of rows (First Row and Last Row) can be changed and this change will be applied to all selected plots that use data from the same table as shown in the table control.   The All Rows in Table control will also be applied to all selected plots.