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Navigating through the Diagram Windows


The main Diagram window can have 'hot areas' which bring up child Diagram windows when clicked.  The child Diagram window can also have 'hot areas' forming grandchildren and so on.  Each child Diagram window will have a small 'home' button that is initially placed in the lower right corner of the child diagram window.    Clicking this button will close the window and bring up the main Diagram window.  If the parent of the Diagram window is not the main Diagram window, a second button with a left arrow will also be displayed at the lower right.  Clicking this button will close the child Diagram window and bring its parent, effectively moving back one level.


The home and up-level navigation buttons can be moved to other locations by dragging them with the mouse in Development mode.   Finer positioning is available by pressing the left, right, up, or down arrow keys which move the button one pixel for each press. The width and height of the button can be changed by holding the Ctrl key down while pressing arrow keys.  The right arrow increases the button width by one pixel.  Left arrow decreases the width.  Down arrow increases the height and up arrow reduces the height.  Right-clicking on the home button provide a dialog that allows the button caption to be entered or changed.


The home and up-level navigation buttons can be hidden if desired, but right-clicking on the child diagram window and selecting Properties from the popup menu that appears as shown below.  Then check or uncheck the 'Show navigation buttons' check box.