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Selecting and Aligning Text and Graphic Items


One or more text and graphic items in the Diagram window or child diagram window can be selected by clicking the left mouse button on the item while in development mode.  A red dotted box will be displayed around each selected text item.  A selected graphic object will be displayed with its 'handles' (small boxes on each edge) showing. Hold the Shift key down to select more than one item or to unselect a selected item.  Use the Select All command to select all item on the Diagram window.   All selected items can be moved at once using the mouse or the arrow keys. 


The align button in the toolbar can be used to facilitate alignment of the selected items relative to one another. 


If all of the selected items are text items, pressing the right mouse button will bring up a dialog box in which the font, size, color, and style of the selected text items can be changed as a group.  When it first appears, the dialog box displays the characteristics of the first selected text item.  Any change made to a text characteristic in the dialog window will be applied to all selected text items.  If a text characteristic, such as the font size, is not changed in the dialog window, then the font size of the selected text items will not be changed.  Similar capability is provided if all selected items are graphic objects.  Clicking anywhere in the Diagram window that is not on a text or graphic object unselects all selected items.