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Specify Error Bar Information




The Error Bar dialog is shown above.  This dialog is presented after clicking the X-Axis or Y-Axis check box in the Error Bars box.  This dialog allows error bar information to be entered for a situation in which the Uncertainty Propagation Table calculations are not used.  


The information in this dialog is for a particular variable plotted on the X or Y-axis.  In the example shown above, the variable is Q_H.  The dialog allows the error bars for values of the selected variable to be specified as either a constant that is taken to be the absolute value or relative value, or as a variable that is read from a column in the Parametric, Lookup, Arrays, or Integral tables. 


Note:  If the specified column in the Parametric table is for a variable that includes uncertainty information (i.e., the column displays information of the form 1.234 0.2345) then the value that follows the sign is used for the uncertainty value.  Otherwise the value in the column is used for the uncertainty values.


The error bars are normally drawn symmetrically around the data point.  However, it is possible to have unsymmetric error bars by unchecking the "Identical upper and lower values" check box.  In this case, the Specify Error Bar Information dialog will expand to allow entry of error bar information for the upper and lower legs of the error bars, as shown.


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