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Show Crosshairs on Plot


A crosshairs cursor can be displayed on the plot by clicking the crosshairs button on the plot window toolbar or by pressing the Ctrl and Shift keys together.  The crosshairs will show the current position of the cursor with red vertical and horizontal lines, as shown below.  The coordinates of the cursor position in the scale for each axis will be displayed in a status bar at the bottom of the screen.  If a Property plot is displayed, all of the thermodynamic properties at the cursor position will be displayed, as shown below.


The crosshairs can be removed by moving the mouse so that the crosshairs is no longer in the plot rectangle.  The status bar and the crosshairs will then disappear.



In the Professional version, the crosshairs can be used to identify the location of a plotted point in a table.  Position the crosshairs over a plotted symbol and press the right mouse button.  The status bar will show the coordinates of the point, the table that the data originated in and the row in that table.  In addition, the table from which the data have been plotted will be made visible hightlighting the row containing the data for the selected plot as shown below.



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