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Show/Hide Diagram Tool Bar


This command is enabled when the Diagram window or a child Diagram window is foremost.  When enabled, selecting this command will toggle the state of the tool bar for the foremost Diagram window.  When the tool bar is visible, the Diagram window is in development mode.  Text and graphic objects such as (lines/arrows, rectangles, and ellipses) may be moved, changed or deleted in development mode.  An Align button is provided to facilitate alignment of objects relative to one another.  When the tool bar is hidden, all text and graphic objects are locked and the window is in application mode.  Input is accepted for input variables and calculations can be initiated using the input variables supplied in the Diagram window.  The tool bar visibility can also be toggled using the Diagram Window button on the speed button bar just below the menu bar.  See the description of the Diagram window for more detail.